Thinking of going to the “cloud”?

Many users seem to have misconception on what “cloud” represents.

The “cloud” is not perfect.  Sorry to break out the news, but going to the “cloud” simply means that you are moving your data, applications, and\or other server provided functionality from your own server to the server(s) that someone else operates.

Hence the “cloud” that you are moving the data to is as much vulnerable as your own.  Only difference may be that there will be 24/7 monitoring and baby sitting the server(s) in the “cloud” by the people who are selling you the service.  But the fact of the matter is that in order to control the cost effectiveness, they do not allocate an admin to a server. Rather, a pool of servers are managed by by a pool or software, automation, admins and techs taking shifts.

Although there are tools available to prevent server failures, they are not perfect and hence going to the “cloud” still requires you to protect your data (a regular backup is a good idea), and consider having a plan B in case of emergencies.

We fully understand the pros and cons of local network as well as the “cloud”, and would like to point out that the “cloud” is not for everyone,  especially if you have a misunderstanding about the “cloud” technology.

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